Renewable Energy

We offer a wide range of renewable energy to all three sectors of the market place. These include:

Air heat source pumps
Utilises existing heating equipment – we have the ability to clean out and overhaul your existing radiators and heaters, allowing you to achieve the full benefits of an air source heat pump.

Why Choose an Air Source Heat Pump?
Works with Solar PV – to further reduce your energy bills it is possible to combine your air source heat pump with solar panels, giving you one of the most energy efficient systems available.

Improves your property – whilst boilers need to be changed periodically, air source heat pumps have a lifespan of over 25 years and deliver outstanding value. Much more attractive to a potential buyer than gas powered technology.

Sustainable technology – this green heating equipment will substantially reduce your carbon footprint, giving you a cleaner heat source than conventional gas powered equipment and making you eligible for the RHI.

Solar PV: You will benefit from our years of experience, where a specific solution is designed solely for your property. Each panel is carefully positioned to allow it to capture the maximum amount of light possible during daylight hours. Your installation is created in full accordance with the government’s advised G83 rule, ensuring that solar photovoltaic system is legal and compliant with all current legislation.

Solar Energy Storage Solutions

Electric Car Charging Systems

Capillary heating: uses a fast acting water-flow system that can deliver heat and cooling to a specific area of your property the moment it’s required.

Servicing Contracts: No matter which system you are using, from solar PV through to air conditioning, we can provide you with a full maintenance contract that investigates, checks and tweaks its performance.