Childproofing Your Home Against the Risk of Electric shocks

Well done! You’ve discovered that you are expecting, or you may have just welcomed a new one into your life. In not too long they will be running around your house, looking for different things to play with or eat. Protecting your home against electric shock risks should of course, be one of the first things to think about when making improvements. Deaths from electrocution in modern homes continue to a be a risk for children, which is exactly why Electrical Testing Great Yarmouth have reviewed how you should go about protecting your young ones against the risks of electric shocks by babyproofing your home.

Common Risks of Electric Shock

Damaged or frayed wires – with regular use over time, your appliances and their components will experience natural wear and tear. All it takes is for your little one to touch an exposed wire and a current will travel straight through their body, potentially causing massive harm.

Loose cabling

As many parents quickly learn, young ones have a tendency to put anything and everything in their mouths, particularly when they are beginning to teethe. A trailing or loose cable can be a very attractive distraction for your child and all that it takes is one bite through the plastic casing to reach the wire inside.

Plug socket covers

These covers are sold as a safety measure against electrocution, but they can actually present a serious risk to the safety and wellbeing of your little ones. If not made to fit correctly, they can quite easily cause overheating, damage to the internal components, and in some cases make it possible for your child to insert objects into the socket.

Childproofing Your Home Against the Risk of Electric Shock


Though it may be news to some parents, the standard UK plug socket is not actually a threat to the safety of exploring little fingers. Our plug sockets have been carefully designed and manufactured to meet specific safety specifications, including a special shutter mechanism feature unique to the UK – this prevents a child from being able to reach the live component of the socket. Cheap plastic sockets covers, however, can be dangerous and, therefore, will not help in baby proofing your home against the risk of electric shock.

However, there are many steps that you can take to try and ensure that your children stay safe around electricity when in the home. Of course we all know we should try and keep an eye on your little ones as much as possible; but all it takes is for your attention to slip for a moment, and you could find your child munching on a cable. It is therefore highly recommended that you go regularly around your property to check for any damaged or frayed cables and loose wires that need to be immediately replaced. Any good certified electrician, who is experienced in electrical installation should be able to recognise this level of wear and tear and return things to working order.

Maintain and sustain good cable management by utilising trunking to run any loose cables along your skirting boards or walls, thereby preventing a child’s access to the cables from all levels. Ensure that all of your electrical appliances are unplugged when not in use, and moved fully away from the edges of countertops and the ends of surfaces – dangling or trailing leads can make a tempting prospect for your little ones to grab. Another precaution to think about when childproofing your home against the risk of electric shocks, is a residual current device (RCD), designed to cut off a circuit when an unbalance in the current is detected.

Baby Proofing Your Home against the Risk of Electric Shock


Perhaps one of the most beneficial and important things you can do for your little ones is to educate them from a young age regarding the dangers of electricity. By instilling precaution and common sense from their earliest days, you can really help to limit the possibility of electrocution and prevent any incidents or injuries from happening. Furthermore, educating yourself on electrical safety in the home and workplace and learning how to recognise the tell-tale signs of wear and tear that mean you need to consult a local electrician. If you are ever concerned about the electrical safety of your property, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. Don’t be stuck thinking; “If only I had a good electrician near me!” Our team of friendly local certified electricians are highly experienced and motivated, offering emergency callouts, as well as routinely performing electrical testing and repairs. Get in touch with us now by calling on 07739988205 or 01603 810288