Electrical factors to consider when buying a new home

There are so many things to consider when buying a new home so it’s no wonder most people don’t really think about electrics. However it’s an important thing to consider. Buying a new home with electrical problems can result in a lot of hidden costs. It’s always worth checking what might need fixing or changing before making the decision to buy.

Is the wiring in good condition?

Take a look at any wires that are visible. Check they are in good condition or ask if they should even be visible. If there is obvious damage or it doesn’t look the wires should be visible then something needs to be done about it. You should never dismiss buying a house because of electrical work as your local electrician will be able to resolve any problems but just consider the cost involved first.

Plug sockets

Always check to see if plug sockets are in good condition. Not only can is cost you a fair amount to have them fixed but broken plug sockets can be very dangerous. Especially if you have children.


Check the sockets in the house to see if they are currently being used and if sockets are overloaded. If they are then overloading sockets can cause electrical faults as well as fires. Consider how many sockets you may need in each room and think about if you’ll need to have more fitted.

It’s always going to be hard to be certain that there are no electrical problems at all just by having a quick look at any wires and sockets but it’s worth checking. The best thing to do before buying a house if you want to be certain is having a professional certified electrician inspect the property. It shouldn’t cost a huge amount just to have a property inspected and it could uncover the true cost involved when buying the home. It also eliminates the risk of moving into a new home which isn’t safe.

At Smoothe Consulting we are certified, local electricians covering Norwich, Norfolk and Great Yarmouth. We’re always happy to help so please give us a call even if it’s just to have a chat about something you’ve seen when viewing a property that you think may cause an electrical issue. Our priority is electrical safety and customer service.

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