What does it mean to be a certified electrician?

Certified electricians install, maintain, test and repair electrical systems and they have received official recognition from a professional organisation. But does certification matter when searching for a local electrician? Reputable electrical contractors have not only fulfilled the minimum training and experience required for certification, but they also strive to maintain a high level of professional knowledge and performance throughout their careers. When you compare a certified electrician with a non-certified electrician, the answer to this question becomes obvious.


Licensed – Has passed a licensing exam that guarantees that he or she has the necessary qualification to work.
Permit knowledge – Has the knowledge to know which permits will be required when.
Liability included – Carries liability insurance to protect against damage to your property.
Extensive training – While anyone can take a licensing exam, certified electricians and contractors have undergone years of on-the-job training and classroom instruction.
Guaranteed work – Provides a warranty of work and guarantees that any work that does not meet applicable standards will be corrected.


Non-Licensed – Does not specialise in installation of electrical wiring and equipment, has received little or no advanced training.
No permits granted – Most permitting agencies will not grant permits for electrical work to unlicensed electricians.
Not liable – Not required to carry liability insurance; additionally, your homeowner’s insurance may not cover damage resulting in work done by an unlicensed electrician.
No training necessary – Has not gone through an apprenticeship or training programme and may not have the experience and knowledge to do the work required.
No guarantee – May not provide a warranty guaranteeing the quality of the work.


Therefore, when you want to find an electrician, it is important that you carefully select one that is certified. Here at Smooth Consulting, we strive to offer the best electrical service in Norfolk including the city of Norwich, surrounding areas of Great Yarmouth and the east Coast. To enable us to do this, we hold a vast number of accreditations maintains our company philosophy.

NICEIC Registered – At Smoothe Consulting we are NICEIC registered electrical contractors meaning we are assessed on a regular basis to ensure we are meeting the relevant technical and safety standards. And, in addition, the codes of practice and rules which we must abide by. In the unlikely event that a contractor is no longer registered or ceased trading, the Platinum Promise is an insurance guarantee, which allows NICEIC to rectify non-compliant work, at no extra cost to the customer. Therefore, NICEIC allows you to feel confident with the work being undertaken.

Registered Competent Person (Electric) – Being registered as a competent electrician means that we work to the British Standard for electrical safety (BS 7671). We meet strict entry requirements, which take account of qualifications, skills, knowledge, experience and insurance policies. Our work is regularly assessed by a Government-approved Scheme Operator to ensure ongoing competence. We will give you a BS7671 certificate to confirm that our work has been designed, inspected and tested in line with the BS7671 electrical safety standard. We have valid insurance policies in place, including Public Liability Insurance. And, all Government-approved scheme operators have a complaints procedure, which means they will investigate complaints about registered electricians who have not complied with Building regulations.

Aico Fire Products Trained Installer – A successful alarm system comes down to having the best alarms correctly installed. As contractors, we have received expert installer training, and will be able to provide you with a correct, professional installation. We have to go through the latest regulations and legislation, so that we know which alarms to install and where. We are also trained in Aico’s latest technologies to ensure that we know what will best suit your needs.

Nest Certified Professional – Nest Certified professionals are the top installers in their areas. We get special training from Nest, so whatever project you have in mind, you can be confident that it will be done properly. They will be up and running quickly, and will give you peace of minding knowing that getting your Nest products set up can be quick, simple and installed properly. As Nest says, ‘step away from the screwdriver.’

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