When should you call an emergency electrician?

It can be difficult to decide whether to call an emergency electrician especially if it’s out of normal working hours and you can’t decide whether to wait till later and call within working hours.

The most obvious reason people often wait till it’s within the normal 9 – 5pm working hours is cost. Electricians charge more for emergency call outs so waiting longer to save money is often the first thing people think about.

Our advice at Smoothe Consulting is to call an emergency electrician straight away if you think the problem could be dangerous. It’s really not worth risking it to save money as the consequences could be deadly.

We want people to know how to determine whether the problem could be dangerous so we’ve decided to create this blog post to help.

How can you tell if it’s dangerous?

If there’s smoke, sparks or noticeable damage to wires it’s best to contact an emergency electrician straight away. It may cost a bit more but in return the electrician will more than often be with you within an hour if you choose local electricians and will fix the problem quickly. This means less risk to yourself and your family’s safety when dealing with domestic electrics. It also saves you the hassle of trying to organise something within the standard 9 – 5 working hours when like most people you’ll probably be busy enough with your own work.

How we can help

At Smoothe Consulting we cover the whole of Norfolk including Norwich and Great Yarmouth. So if you’re on Google searching for an “electrician near me” and your live in Norfolk we’re hear to help. Not only can we solve the problem you’ve discovered we can also carry out electrical testing to find any other faults you may not be aware of. We’re fully qualified, certified electrical contractors. All of our electricians are certified electricians. If you’re looking to find an electrician please feel free to contact us.

You can contact us on 07739 988205 or info@smootheconsulting.co.uk